The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

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Sat Mar 23 05:53:01 CET 2013

Joel Brobecker <brobecker at> schrieb am 22. March 2013:

> I think that what I will be missing the most of the number of functions
> that you could use to taylor the WM behavior. In particular, one that
> was really useful and does not seem to have an equivalent (at least
> at the time I looked), was raise-or-lower (raise if window is not
> on top, else lower to bottom).

that would be

You might also like:
shades and unshades the currently focussed window.

A great resource for this kind of features:

> them from working in those programs. So now I used ctrl-alt-x, which
> sounds like it's only a small difference, but it's actually quite big,
> as I now need both hands to hit that combination, instead of 2.

I like to start a terminal with [Windows-X]. Since I am on a German
keyboard, the X-key sits right above the windows key -- where your Z-key

Kai-Martin Knaak
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