The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

Joel Brobecker brobecker at
Sat Mar 23 03:30:40 CET 2013

> Out of interest what do you sorely miss and what stopped it being
> productive?

I think that what I will be missing the most of the number of functions
that you could use to taylor the WM behavior. In particular, one that
was really useful and does not seem to have an equivalent (at least
at the time I looked), was raise-or-lower (raise if window is not
on top, else lower to bottom). It allows me to cycle between stacked
windows really quickly without having to touch the mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts are also more limited with Xfce, because you cannot
say: assign this keyboard shortcut to the root window only. I used to
have shortcuts like ctrl-x to open an xterm.  But now, I can't anymore,
because ctrl-x is bound in may programs, and so using it would prevent
them from working in those programs. So now I used ctrl-alt-x, which
sounds like it's only a small difference, but it's actually quite big,
as I now need both hands to hit that combination, instead of 2.

There were other little things, but they are much more minor in nature,
and the need is slowly fading as I get used to Xfce which, when all
is said and done, is a very fine collection of software. It's not
all loses since I switched... The Xfce terminal, for instance, is
the best terminal emulator I've seen so far.

As for what prompted me to look at Xfce, I was having problems
integrating fvwm into the gnome environment provided by the Ubuntu
distribution. This significantly degraded how fast I can do my everyday
actions at work.


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