The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

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Fri Mar 22 10:13:13 CET 2013

Kevin Chadwick <ma1l1ists at> wrote:
> > > I also see no issue with Xfce becoming similar to  Enlightenment. In
> > > recent times Xfce has always been similar to Gnome, and this hasn't
> > > stopped Xfce users being happy with Xfce.  
> > 
> > FWIW, the reason I switched to Xfce was because gnome/fvwm2 integration
> > started degrading to be point of being no longer a productive environment.
> > When I made the decision to look elsewhere, one of the criteria was:
> > what's out there that's similar to fvwm? There are a few things I dearly
> > miss from my 20 years of fvwm, but I am otherwise very happy to be
> > rid of gnome.
> Out of interest what do you sorely miss and what stopped it being
> productive?
Simple single text file configuration of what it looks like when you
start up!  In particular the simplicity of starting up various
applications (terminal windows mostly in my case) at specific positions
on specific desktops.

Chris Green

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