The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

Joel Brobecker brobecker at
Tue Mar 19 15:14:37 CET 2013

> I also see no issue with Xfce becoming similar to  Enlightenment. In
> recent times Xfce has always been similar to Gnome, and this hasn't
> stopped Xfce users being happy with Xfce.

FWIW, the reason I switched to Xfce was because gnome/fvwm2 integration
started degrading to be point of being no longer a productive environment.
When I made the decision to look elsewhere, one of the criteria was:
what's out there that's similar to fvwm? There are a few things I dearly
miss from my 20 years of fvwm, but I am otherwise very happy to be
rid of gnome.


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