xfsettingsd with Linux 3.8?

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Mon Mar 4 16:08:57 CET 2013

Hello all,

I'm having a puzzling problem with updating from Linux kernel 
3.7.10 to 3.8 (currently trying 3.8.2). All is fine with 
3.7.10, but under 3.8 when I start Xorg it comes up with a 
blank screen. (The console framebuffer is fine.) I can't see 
anything that looks bad in Xorg.log, no error messages there, 
and Xorg runs (albeit without displaying anything) till I kill 

What I am seeing in my Xsession error file, though, is

(xfsettingsd:545): xfsettingsd-WARNING **: Unknown mode 
'1152x864 @ 75.0' for output VGA1, aborting.

xfsettingsd --version gives "xfsettingsd 4.11.0 (Xfce 4.10)". 
Xorg is version 1.13.2. The 1152x864 mode for CRT output is 
specified in xorg.conf and gives no problem under 3.7.10.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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