Can't build xfce4-genmon-plugin, asks for libxfce4panel-1.0 which doesn't seem to exist

Chris Green cl at
Mon Mar 4 16:06:34 CET 2013

I'm trying to build xfce4-genmon-plugin as I have a patch which makes
colours work which still doesn't seem to have got into the main line

So I downloaded the source:-

    apt-get source xfce4-genmon-plugin

... and ran ./configure, but I get the following error:-

    *** The required package libxfce4panel-1.0 was not found on your system.
    *** Please install libxfce4panel-1.0 (atleast version 4.8.0) or adjust
    *** the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
    *** installed the package in a nonstandard prefix so that
    *** pkg-config is able to find it.

The trouble is that I can't find a package with a name anything like
libxfce4panel-1.0 or just libxfce4panel.

I'm running xubuntu 12.10 so using the Ubuntu repositories.

Chris Green

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