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I am using xfce as my main desktop but sometimes I prefer
to use tiled window managers like i3 and qtile.
I want to use my gtk and xfce settings from xfce in those wms
also (I use thunar for file managing).

I try to start xfsettingsd at the startup process of i3 (and qtile)
but it fails to run. I see in .xsession-errors the following:
(xfsettingsd:4513): GLib-WARNING **:
runtime check failed: (domain != 0)
Failed to connect to session manager: A munkamenet-kezelőhöz való
csatlakozás meghiúsult: SESSION_MANAGER environment variable not defined

"A munkamenet-kezelőhöz való csatlakozás meghiúsult" means in rough
translation: Failed to connect to session manager

When the window manager is up, and I open a terminal and start xfsettingsd
manually, it
also tells me the same message, but it continue running and works (change
colors and icons in tray, thunar, etc.)

How should start it at startup process?

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