Xfce and UEFI

Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Tue Jun 18 23:45:15 CEST 2013

On 18/06/13 18:44, Michael McFarlane wrote:
> Neil,
> I bought a new laptop recently and it came with Windows 8.  I accidently
> deleted the boot partition, which is no big deal because there are lots of
> 'nix utilities to recover.  None of my utilities would work and I kept
> getting odd messages that the HD was locked, that the partition was read
> only, etc.  Welcome to UEFI!
> I had never heard of UEFI before, but I eventually figured out that was the
> problem.  My research said that it does speed up boot times, but Microsoft
> is forcing all OEM manufacturers to use it because it makes it harder to
> pirate Windows.  That's the real reason.  None of the common free utilities
> work with it yet.  You can buy some, but I am familiar with the old reliable
> 'nix utilities and that's what I want to use.
> My solution:  Reformat the hard drive with old standard BIOS and that's what
> I recommend to you.  Maybe someday in the future UEFI will be mainstream,
> but I don't to play around with the latest and greatest.
> BTW, I had no problem finding a copy of Win 8 online, which I needed because
> I blew away my copy when I reformatted.  With Win 8 you no longer get a
> license key.
> Mike
I have considered that too. However, I always buy machines with no OS 
installed. This way, apart from saving money, I don't have any problems 
caused by Windows.

Also, I have checked with the people who will probably supply my new 
laptop and they tell me that it will have UEFI installed but that safe 
boot will be switched off. Obviously I can turn it back on if I want, 
but I don't think I will bother.


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