Xfce and UEFI

Michael McFarlane michael at bizsolver.com
Tue Jun 18 19:44:13 CEST 2013


I bought a new laptop recently and it came with Windows 8.  I accidently
deleted the boot partition, which is no big deal because there are lots of
'nix utilities to recover.  None of my utilities would work and I kept
getting odd messages that the HD was locked, that the partition was read
only, etc.  Welcome to UEFI!  

I had never heard of UEFI before, but I eventually figured out that was the
problem.  My research said that it does speed up boot times, but Microsoft
is forcing all OEM manufacturers to use it because it makes it harder to
pirate Windows.  That's the real reason.  None of the common free utilities
work with it yet.  You can buy some, but I am familiar with the old reliable
'nix utilities and that's what I want to use. 

My solution:  Reformat the hard drive with old standard BIOS and that's what
I recommend to you.  Maybe someday in the future UEFI will be mainstream,
but I don't to play around with the latest and greatest.  

BTW, I had no problem finding a copy of Win 8 online, which I needed because
I blew away my copy when I reformatted.  With Win 8 you no longer get a
license key.


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On 18/06/13 14:35, killermoehre wrote:
> Am 18.06.2013 13:37, schrieb Neil Winchurst:
>> My laptop died on me recently so I am looking to buy a new one. (It 
>> is not my main machine, but I still expect to use it a lot.) Since it 
>> will be new I suppose it will be set up to use UEFI as opposed to the 
>> old BIOS system which I am used to.
>> The machine will be running Xubuntu only, I have not gone near 
>> Windows for years. I have had a look at various help files via Google 
>> and am feeling rather baffled.
>> Does anyone on the list have any help/advice for me about this please?
>> This could also be of interest to others on the list. One of the 
>> problems I have found while doing my research is that most of the 
>> writers assume that everyone who uses Linux wants to dual boot with 
>> Windows.
>> Thanks
>> Neil
> Hi Neil,
> Since Canonical has money and such, *buntus should just start and 
> install complete normal on UEFI-hardware.
> For an indepth-look I suggest the Arch Wiki[1]. If you know german 
> there are very good How-Tos at ubuntuusers.de[2].
> Regards
> [1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/UEFI
> [2] http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/EFI_Bootmanagement
Thanks for that. As my German is almost non-existent (French I can manage
quite happily) I will check no 1.


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