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Satyajit Sahoo satyajit.happy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 17:33:53 CEST 2013

GTK 3.4 is rather outdated. And I highly doubt that anyone will port themes
to GTK 3.4.

GTK3 themes seem to break every release, even though the amount of breakage
has been greatly reduced. So it's unlikely that anyone will want to port to
an older GTK3 version.

If you use Xubuntu, the default themes Greybird, Bluebird and Albatross
already support GTK3. And in the upcoming Ubuntu version, they have 2 more
GTK3 themes, namely Numix and Orion.

And about lightweight, GTK3 is heavier than GTK2, and themes aren't that
slow for you to notice a difference.
On 16-Jul-2013 5:54 PM, "Genghis Khan" <genghiskhan at gmx.ca> wrote:

> Hello,
> Are there new developments or news concerning to GTK+3 ports of the
> current GTK+2 themes of Xfce?
> I have wondered when will there be updates for Gtk+3 theme sets of
> Xfce, in general, and of Xfce-basic, Xfce-kde2 and Xfce-smooth, in
> particular.
> In the meantime, I would be glad to have a reference to a theme of
> GTK+2/3 that has a simple interface and is lightweight, like Xfce.
> For instance, I would not want themes like Siva or FlatStudio, as they
> are more complex and are taking longer time and graphic/video resources
> (i.e. not lightweight) than Xfce themes.
> http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php/Siva+Flat+1.3.0?content=156879
> http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php/FlatStudio?content=154296
> I use gtk+3 version 3.4.4.
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