Rethinking Leafpad and Mousepad (slow and inefficient)

Genghis Khan genghiskhan at
Sat Feb 11 12:36:04 CET 2012

Considering what mtPaint (Painting Program) does, the efficiency of
Leafpad and Mousepad is dwarfed comparatively.

mtPaint displays its GUI interface much faster than Leafpad and
Mousepad which show a gray background (depends on the theme colors) and
then the white space to write characters in it.

mtPaint starts up with 11MB RAM while Mousepad consumes 12MB RAM and can
leak up to 30MB if is running for a few days. How come? What can I do in
order to approve Mousepad and even make it to consume less memory?

Mark Tyler's Painting Program

mtPaint is a painting program which Mark Tyler developed from scratch
so he could easily create pixel art and manipulate digital photos.

It uses the GTK+ toolkit (version 1 or 2) and runs on PC's via the
GNU/Linux or Windows operating systems. Due to its efficient design it
can run on older PC hardware (e.g. a 200MHz CPU and 16MB of free RAM).

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