Rethinking Leafpad and Mousepad (slow and inefficient)

Guido Berhoerster gber at
Sat Feb 11 16:33:59 CET 2012

* Genghis Khan <genghiskhan at> [2012-02-11 12:29]:
> Considering what mtPaint (Painting Program) does, the efficiency of
> Leafpad and Mousepad is dwarfed comparatively.
> mtPaint displays its GUI interface much faster than Leafpad and
> Mousepad which show a gray background (depends on the theme colors) and
> then the white space to write characters in it.
> mtPaint starts up with 11MB RAM while Mousepad consumes 12MB RAM and can
> leak up to 30MB if is running for a few days. How come? What can I do in
> order to approve Mousepad and even make it to consume less memory?

You are complaining on the wrong list, mousepad is dead (with a
rewrite pending) and leafpad is not affiliated with Xfce. Apart
from that, your measurement of "consumed" memory is flawed,
looking at the memory mapping of a newly started leafpad process
on a recent Linux/x86-64 system shows ~4MB writable private
memory mapped to it. Given that leafpad only links against the
GTK2 stack and that you are already running Xfce this should be a
more realistic estimate of the cost of running a single leafpad
Guido Berhoerster

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