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Fri Feb 4 17:59:10 CET 2011

Christian Dywan <christian at> a scris:
> midori 0.3.0 is now available for download from

Congratulations! I've been translating Midori for a couple of years and
I always thought of it as a secondary browser, one that you use mainly
to double-check problems that might be specific to your primary
browser. Surprisingly, while testing Midori for a translation update
(on which I currently work), I've discovered your browser has become a
sophisticated browser of its own and most things I rely on in Firefox
have usable implementations in Midori: ad-blocking filters (not quite
as sophisticated as AdBlockPlus but good enough when coupled with
Privoxy), FlashBlock (as instructed by the FAQ), private browsing (a
bit sloppy, but working nevertheless), optimized keyboard-only
navigation (working nice as of 0.3.0) etc.

However, I still have a couple of itches that I can't scratch myself
and I'm not sure if I should file them as bugs with Midori itself.
Actually, one of them has already been reported as "FS#694 - black on
black text in forms with dark themes in KDE"[1]. This makes Midori more
or less unusable with dark themes and I'm a bit surprised by this
as I remember Midori's author as being a user of dark themes himself. :)

The other issue is related to the way Midori redraws itself. There is
an annoying delay in redrawing the browser window and its widgets when
I open a relatively complex site such as in a
maximized window and change workplaces back and forth. This happens on
an up-to-date desktop computer with plenty of power, on which Firefox,
Chromium and Opera (the GTK+ version) do not expose this annoying delay.

All in all, I'll try to keep using Midori as a primary browser, it is a
dream come true... I have wished for Galeon to become something like
this back in 2004 (dropping GNOME dependencies, switching to GTK+
WebCore and approaching the Xfce project). I'm happy to see this void
filled, Midori integrates beautifully in Xfce... Well done! And keep up
the awesome job! :)

Thank you,


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