Questions about xfce terminal

Chris Green cl at
Mon Dec 19 12:31:51 CET 2011

Also related to my new xubuntu 11.10 installation.

Using the default terminal in xfce I have a couple of queries/issues
relating to the window title etc.

    When one uses "sudo -i" to switch to root the title indicates this
    but on exiting from the root login the title doesn't switch back.

    It doesn't seem to be possible to have different static titles on
    different terminal windows (except by starting them from the command
    line).  I.e. if I change the "Initial title" in Terminal Preferences
    then it changes the title for *every* terminal window I have open. I
    tend to set up my session to start up with several terminal windows
    open, all with different titles, this doesn't seem to be possible
    unless I start them from a script.

Chris Green

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