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On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 09:31, Chris Green <cl at> wrote:

> Also related to my new xubuntu 11.10 installation.
> Using the default terminal in xfce I have a couple of queries/issues
> relating to the window title etc.
>    When one uses "sudo -i" to switch to root the title indicates this
>    but on exiting from the root login the title doesn't switch back.

Works fine here. Using ArchLinux.

>    It doesn't seem to be possible to have different static titles on
>    different terminal windows (except by starting them from the command
>    line).  I.e. if I change the "Initial title" in Terminal Preferences
>    then it changes the title for *every* terminal window I have open. I
>    tend to set up my session to start up with several terminal windows
>    open, all with different titles, this doesn't seem to be possible
>    unless I start them from a script.
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