Talks at FOSDEM?

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Mon Dec 19 01:38:37 CET 2011

On 12/18/2011 09:03 AM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> with December 20th, the proposal deadline for talks in the
> cross-desktop room at FOSDEM '12 is very close. We haven't discussed
> possible talks about Xfce yet but since a number of Xfce developers
> will be attending, it's something worth discussing. It's a "better late
> than never" kind of situation, I'd say.
> I guess it would be sensible to propose 1-2 talks before Tuesday. Given
> that we don't have a strong cross-desktop reach, a single talk might be
> sufficient. But then again, it depends on how many potential speakers
> we end up with.
> Anyway, let's get to the central question of this mail: What would you
> be interested in having us talk about at FOSDEM? It'd be cool if anyone
> with an opinion replies with 1-2 ideas that he/her thinks could be
> exciting! We will then pick something from that and turn it
> into a talk proposal.

You could always talk about all of the standards 
(systray, xdg, etc.) that are implemented in XFCE, I'm sure there's also 
lots of cross-desktop stuff that went/goes into XFWM too so it can work 
with other D.E.s.

Also it might be interesting to discuss use of GApplication-type stuff 
(if any) and/or GIO stuff from GLib and how it's used by XFCE 
applications.  Also I think I remember some XFCE programs are using DBus 
for loading new app instances in the same process, and probably lots of 
other uses of DBus that may or may not be interesting to talk about.

Matthew Brush

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