OT: emulate xfce panel using cairo-dock?

Liviu Andronic landronimirc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 14:26:01 CET 2010

Dear Xfce users
This is a bit off-topic, but there might be users on this list that
have a quick answer for this.

I have recently discovered the MacOSX-ish looking panel provided by
cairo-dock and I am currently trying to configure it to suit my needs.
Unfortunately I am not yet able to "fully" emulate the Xfce panel.
Specifically, I would like to emulate the Xfce panel by configuring a
launcher to contain one main launcher (icon visible on the panel and
running a programme when clicked) and several secondary launchers (a
list of programmes accessed by clicking in the arrow next to the main
launcher's icon). However, in cairo-dock, I have sofar only managed to
create a "subdock" that displays an icon on the "main dock" (the main
panel) and, when hovered, a list of applications. I would like however
to specify one main application/launcher for the "subdock" that would
be executed when clicking the "subdock" icon.

Would anyone know how to configure cairo-dock to better emulate the
Xfce panel? Thank you

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