Aw: Re: Feedback of Xfce booth at Chemnitzer Linux Days 2010

timystery at timystery at
Mon Mar 22 13:49:16 CET 2010

> Yes, well, my comment was more about the initial statement "resolve
> Nvidia-Xrandr-Xfwm4-Maximizing problem with different cloned screens
> in presentation mode" which comes as a surprise and does not make much
> sense to me...
> What a heck is A "Nvidia-Xrandr-Xfwm4-Maximizing problem with
> different cloned screens in presentation mode"...

As far as I understood the problem: 

A user told his setup when giving presentations:
latop screen with resolution A,
presentation screen with resolution B,
clone mode,
Nvidia card with drivers version 190
Xfce with Xfwm4
using nvidia-settings

Now sometimes maximizing windows works with respect to the display activated as the main or front display, and sometimes it wouldn't, so he would manually resize them and move them to the proper positions. He thinks it might be related to having both Xfwm and Nvidia drivers. Not sure whether this also happened with other window managers as well.

Hope that explains Nvidia + Clone + Maximize + Xfwm :)


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