File Manager Question

Snood snood at
Sun Feb 21 20:01:49 CET 2010

Steve Dodier wrote:
> The current progress dialog is quite limited in terms of features, and it
> does not appear in every situation (for instance when copying files to your
> desktop). The new dialog (
> gives
> much more information, and according to discussions going on in xfce-devel,
> may have a better integration with xfdesktop in the future.
> This is what I was referring to, but you're right, there is a progress
> dialog popping up in thunar 1.0.1 in most situations already. I suppose
> Robin was interested in a single dialog for all transfer/copy operations
> going on, such as what Nautilus offers at the moment. And this comes with
> Thunar 1.1.0! :)

Aha! Thank you for the link. I'm glad I wasn't imagining things -- well, 
at least not things about Thunar!

I appreciate your time and effort in helping me understand. I never use 
file managers in the manner depicted in that video, but I guess I can 
see how the dialog would be useful to someone who does.


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