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> I'm using Thunar 1.0.1 and Xfce 4.6.1 on Debian testing (Squeeze) and have
> the progress bar for all file movements. As I said, it pops up in its own
> application popup window. (Is it changing from there to the status bar or
> some other location with 1.10?) I was thinking at first that maybe
> aggressive focus stealing prevention settings might cause that popup to be
> relegated to background on the desktop. But I think the number of different
> ways that Robin has stated that he uses Thunar without seeing the bar makes
> this an unlikely scenario.
> If I'm not supposed to be seeing a progress bar, I wonder why I am. (And I
> believe I was seeing one with an earlier version of Xfce and Thunar, too,
> though that may be faulty old man memory.)
> Regards,
> Sam

The current progress dialog is quite limited in terms of features, and it
does not appear in every situation (for instance when copying files to your
desktop). The new dialog ( gives
much more information, and according to discussions going on in xfce-devel,
may have a better integration with xfdesktop in the future.

This is what I was referring to, but you're right, there is a progress
dialog popping up in thunar 1.0.1 in most situations already. I suppose
Robin was interested in a single dialog for all transfer/copy operations
going on, such as what Nautilus offers at the moment. And this comes with
Thunar 1.1.0! :)

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