File Manager Question

Snood snood at
Sun Feb 21 15:40:10 CET 2010

Steve Dodier wrote:
> This progress bar (as well as support for smb shares) is coming in Thunar
> 1.1.0, which will probably not be shipped in Xubuntu before 10.10, but you
> can already test it with this PPA:
> However, be warned that some features are not available with this version of
> Thunar (as explained here:

I'm using Thunar 1.0.1 and Xfce 4.6.1 on Debian testing (Squeeze) and 
have the progress bar for all file movements. As I said, it pops up in 
its own application popup window. (Is it changing from there to the 
status bar or some other location with 1.10?) I was thinking at first 
that maybe aggressive focus stealing prevention settings might cause 
that popup to be relegated to background on the desktop. But I think the 
number of different ways that Robin has stated that he uses Thunar 
without seeing the bar makes this an unlikely scenario.

If I'm not supposed to be seeing a progress bar, I wonder why I am. (And 
I believe I was seeing one with an earlier version of Xfce and Thunar, 
too, though that may be faulty old man memory.)


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