XFCE-counterpart of KDE-Networkmanager

houghi houghi at houghi.org
Thu Aug 5 01:06:03 CEST 2010

On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 09:02:52PM +0200, Al Bogner wrote:
> Does the password make sense _here_? I think it is no secret to connect
> to my own AP.

I guess it is basically so people do not see you enter the password while
looking over your shoulder.

> That's the question, if this is a good choice. Isn't WPA2-EAP the
> preferred connection? I didn't find out, how to setup WPA2-EAP.

No idea. Sorry.

> I like to access my machines with ip-addresses and not with names. In
> my LAN everything is setup without DHCP. The DHCP-server of the
> Fritzbox allows to limit the IP-address range, so I can define the
> range to 1 IP-address.

All my DHCP server does is give the DNS server and the IP adress. No

> > and will give fixed IPs to those MAC-adresses.
> I didn't find out how to do this. It looks like, I can assing
> MAC-addresses only. As long as I am testing, I do not restrict to the
> MAC-address.

That is on the router. I have no idea how and if it is possible on your
router and that is WAY off topic here.

> My question is how to setup EAP with nm-applet.

No idea. Sorry.

> This is written under the influence of tv channel
> Discovery Channel (as there was nothing else on).

> I am now watching : True crime scene: Killer commando

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