ANN: gigolo version 0.3.0 released

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at
Thu Apr 2 00:27:29 CEST 2009

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 21:19:50 +0200, Christian wrote:

>> >Hey,
>> >Mounts with long labels, such as for example "sftp for
>> >christian on" lead to quite a bit of padding. Maybe you
>> >could enable wrap-width on the cell renderer?
>> Hmm, what exactly do you mean by padding? Symbol or Detailed view?
>> I just have no idea what could be wrong, sorry.
>Symbol view. The empty space around each icon is always at least as
>much to fit the longest text below the icon. So more visually:
>"       dango auf gyokuro          "
>" sftp for christian on "

Ah, I see.

>I'd rather like to see the long ones wrapped in two lines than
>everything becoming wide enough, ie:
>" dango auf gyokuro  "
>" sftp for christian "
>"    on   "
>Note the length of the longest line in this second example has
>decreased significantly for the same labels.

Hmm, I played a bit with it and set wrap-width to 100, see the
resulting images on (to not flood
the list with the images).

- gigolo_wide.png is the current state without changes
- gigolo_small.png is with wrap-width set to 100 and wrap-mode
- gigolo_small_large_fonts.png is the same but with a significant
larger font size
- gigolo_small_centered.png - with additional set "alignment" property
- gigolo_small_centered_large_fonts.png is the same but with a
significant larger font size

As you can see, each change has its advantages and disadvantages.
Especially the large font size versions don't look good to me.
The wrapped labels left-aligned also look weired which is much better
in the centred versions but then the symbol is not more properly
horizontally aligned with the label.
Either I didn't find yet the right combination of the properties and
their values or I'm just to picky.
Honestly, I like the current version most.
What do you think?

>Incidentally I wonder why some of my devices have English naming and
>others German, like in the example. But that is probably GVfs' fault.

Your sftp connections should be in English, the others in German.

>> What's wrong with the Symbols/Detailed options? They are both
>> labelled as Symbols vs. Detailed in both, the preferences dialog and
>> the View menu.
>> Maybe I should change the combobox in the preferences dialog into two
>> radio buttons like in the View menu?
>My main confusion was the different wording and whether it was the
>same as what the View menu options do.
>I think the combobox is fine, if anything I think it should be more
>specific since "View" is pretty generic in the context.

Agreed. Any suggestions?
"Connection List"?

>> Regarding the toolbar icon style, when starting without a config,
>> Gigolo should pick up the GTK default style, it seems to do here.
>> You could try deleting "toolbar_style" from ~/.config/gigolo/config
>> and then start it. It should use the default value as found in the
>> GTK setting "gtk-toolbar-style".
>Ah, that helped. For some reason it was set to Icons before even though
>it's not my default. Maybe it wasn't working in earlier versions.

Might be, I don't remember exactly whether and if so when I changed
that code, the ChangeLog should mention it. But I guess since it seems
to work now, it doesn't matter that much anymore :).


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