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Christian Kastner techmail at kvr.at
Sat Jan 26 22:55:45 CET 2008

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> I don't really think we can "fix" this for you.  However, all of these
> applications should quit when the X server goes down.  Can't
> libpam-mount wait until after X quits before trying to unmount your
> homedir?  That seems to be the more logical course of action, as you
> could say that technically your login session doesn't actually
> terminate until X does.

D'oh. I somehow forgot to mention the most important detail about my
setup: I'm using xdm, not startxfce. As soon as the session manager
exits, xdm closes the PAM session and triggers libpam-mount. X gets
killed after that, IMHO.

> Another option, assuming you're using Linux, is to modify libpam-mount
> to do a 'lazy' unmount, equivalent to the '-l' parameter to 'umount'.
> That way the unmount should effectively get "scheduled" to happen once
> all files on the volume are closed.

libpam-mount already supports that feature. Unfortunately, it leaves the
dm-crypted device hanging around, leading to complaints about "device
still in use" every time I shut down the PC from within Xfce.

My recent solution to the problem was simpler than I thought: I wrapped
xfce4-session in an .Xsession script which performs some cleanup action
after xfce4-session exits. This way, when .Xsession exits and xdm closes
the PAM session, umount and removal of the dm-crypt-dev work fine.

Thanks for the info/rationale on the reparenting stuff!


Christian Kastner
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