[Goodies-dev] ANN: xfburn version 0.4.0 released

Kok, Auke sofar at foo-projects.org
Mon Dec 22 19:02:53 CET 2008

squisher at xfce.org wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> it is our pleasure to announce a new release of xfburn with audio CD
> support. Essentially all audio file formats should be supported courtesy
> of the gstreamer library. Additionally there are a number of useful
> smaller improvements and bugfixes. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.
> Although there has been some testing through a sparsely announced beta
> version (0.3.91), be aware that the audio CD feature is very new and
> there could be some problems. If so, please report a bug!
> Here is a list of changes (since 0.3.2, check the NEWS file for a more
> detailed list):
> - Jean-François Wauthy officially retired as maintainer. Thank you for
> all the work, p0llux!

thanks to JF for all the hard work, and making xfburn a great tool!

> - Use gstreamer to decompress any supported audio files to burn an audio
> CD ("gst" transcoder)
> - Burn audio CDs from uncompressed CD audio .wav files ("basic" transcoder)


> - Allow drags and drop from file managers like Thunar (text/uri-list target)

this is teh awesome. *hug*

keep up the good work guys, this is a great improvement!


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