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On Wed, 9 Apr 2008 12:05:52 -0400 (EDT), Joe Klemmer
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Hi Joe,
>  	I want to try (for the umpteenth time) to see if I can
> figure out how to write a plugin.  Poking around I found that the
> plugin how-to on the wiki is empty and the only place I can find the
> sample plugin code is in the svn repository.
If you proceed with writing your own plugin, take some notes about what
you did, which problems you came across(like the one below) and publish
these notes somewhere.
Maybe this will already help other people who want to start writing a
plugin and/or someone will take the notes to write a howto out of them.
Just an idea.

>  	Is there an already existing archive file for this puppy 
> somewhere?  I couldn't find it on the xfce4-goodies site.  Failing
> that, how the heck do you get the thing from svn?  (Yes, I know I

svn checkout

> P.S. Shout out to all four or five of you who remember me.  ;-)
Hehe, welcome back ;-).


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