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Stefan Schwarzburg stefan.schwarzburg at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 19 12:51:04 CET 2007

I did not answer, because I have no solution. But I can tell you that I can
not use ctrl+tab to switch between my Terminal Tabs too.
Other combinations with ctrl and with alt and with shift work, but any
combination I tried with tab does not work. So it seems that tab is the

As for the firefox: never had such a problem. If firefox would start again,
then it would start in your active WS. But it does not start with my
installation, so it never opens in the active WS here.

Sorry for probably beeing no help.
Stefan Schwarzburg

2007/3/19, Arnau Bria <arnau at emergetux.net>:
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2007 17:54:07 +0100
> Arnau Bria wrote:
> Hi Again,
> Not sure if I'm asking something stupid, but as I had no response I'll
> try to explain myself better.
> 1.-) Shortcuts in terminal:
> I've checked general shortcuts and terminal shortcuts. So Ctrl+TAB and
> Ctrl+Shift+TAB are not used for any other action. So, why terminal does
> not change from one to an other?¿?¿? Is this a forbidden shortcut?
> 2.-) Applications moving between worksapces.
> I've removed any global shortcut refering to window movement. And my
> firefox still goes from second workspace to first. I cannot reproduce
> it cause I don't really know what "special" key I'm pressing when it
> happens (but I bet for Ctrl+F1 and something in mouse...)
> So, what else may I check for ensuring that there won't be any window
> movement shortcut definition?
> TIA,
> Arnau
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