intel driver, xrandr 1.2 multihead, position of panels

Martin Kraus lists_mk at
Sat Jul 28 06:03:12 CEST 2007

  I'm occasionaly connecting external LCD to my notebook with i915 intel
chipset. New xrandr 1.2 allows me to strech the workspace over my notebook LCD
and the external LCD. I have several problems with xfce(I'm using latest svn)

The external LCD becomes a primary display(for example, mplayer can put its
window on the external LCD with "-xineramascreen 0" switch), so my panels are
moved into that display. I'm not sure what relation this new xrandr has with
xinerama, since it's not enabled in the configuration and when enabled, the
intel driver crashes.
I'd like the panels to remain on the internal LCD or even better, I'd like the
bottom panel to remain on the internal LCD while to top panel to be moved to
the top of the external LCD, since their position is vertical(horizontal
position isn't an option because of the i915 chipset).

I have also issues with maximizing windows. windows on the external LCD don't
take into account desktop margins I've set, so their lower parts are behind
the panels.
Windows on the internal LCD, when maximized, are taking only vertical half of
the display.

One last thing is, that the pager plugin doesn't take into account the size of
the whole screen and only shows windows on the external LCD.

Is there any plan to support the new features of intel drivers? I guess it's
an issue with the new xrandr 1.2 extension, however my knowledge of X is very
limited( read none )

Martin Kraus

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