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Francois Audirac francois.audirac at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 30 13:53:47 CET 2007

Jasper Huijsmans a écrit :
> Francois, that's a very interesting setup you have there.  I don't
> think Xfce can currently do exactly what you want, I'm afraid.

But it should be great if it would be possible in the futur.

> Of course, kiosk mode only gives you one default configuration for
> everyone.  I think it would be a great idea to have some sort of
> profiles that you can assign to different users, but I'm afraid that
> is not possible now.

Ok, thanks for this information.

> The only thing I can suggest is to store the configurations of your
> children somewhere and than change the startxfce4 script to reset this
> configuration on every login.  They can still change things while they
> work with Xfce, but they get the original configuration back next time
> they login.  Would that be some sort of solution?

> Oh, making the configuration files unwritable might work too, but
> maybe Xfce will complain about that.

That the two solutions I found, since 2 days. ;-)
But in this two cases, the panels can be remove or deleted by the
children in their session.
Oh course they find a new desktop in the next session.

The solution we choose is to make the panel files unwritable.

Thanks a lot for your explain help.

François Audirac
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