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Robby Workman xfce at
Wed Aug 15 19:54:07 CEST 2007

Joost Kremers wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 03:08:10PM +0200, Tino Keitel wrote:
> [thunar volume manager automount]
>> Hum, maybe exo-mount is responsible for this.
> may well be, as exo-mount *is* on my system. ;-) however, no man page,
> little help info, not much on google...
> except for thunar-dev, of course, on which i found a message (dated april
> 3, 2007, so pretty recent) that it is in principle not possible to pass
> mount options through exo-mount... so i guess that means i'm stuck. :-(
> (i want to pass the option 'fmask=133' to mount, so that vfat volumes are
> mounted without every file having the executable bit set. this is very
> annoying if you copy files from a vfat volume to the hard disk, something i
> do on a regular basis, as this executable bit is retained.)
> [volman options not changed]
>> No, it's not limited to root. What version of thunar-volman do you have
>> installed?
> version 0.1.2, compiled from source through a slackbuild script from
> <>.
>> The preferences file is ~/.config/Thunar/volmanrc. Maybe there is
>> something wrong with that (permissions?).
> permissions are as expected. owned by me (user joost), group is 'users',
> permissions are rw-r--r--.
> it seems, though, that nothing is written to this file when i uncheck the
> relevant checkboxes...


Hola!  :-)

I've admittedly not explored this in much detail, but the "easy"
solution for me is to add the device to /etc/fstab (with "user"
or "users" option) and the relevant dmask and fmask options.
I realize that this isn't a good solution if you have multiple users
with unknown media, but for personal use, it works well.
The fstab settings (including mount point and such)will be honored by
HAL, but otherwise, it will work just as if the fstab entry were not

work just as if

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