newbie question

richard richard.bown at
Fri Mar 24 08:15:16 CET 2006

Hi all,
sorry its a type of newbie question.

Found xfce4 and its great for remote machines, firewalls etc., using vnc 
access, etc..

So here 's the horrible questions

1.background colour on the xfce terminal, can it change to white, not 
all monitors do white on black well.

As most I wander round with a USB flash drive in my pocket, now 
hotpluging is enabled, systems rum Mandriva
2006 , and although if I insert the USB device, I cant find it with MC 
or other file manager, with a xfce4 DM,
or course if I insert in to bloated gnome-2-12, I can see the device has 
mounted and contents available.

How do I get devices such as cdroms, USB Flash, and even a floppy to mount


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