Large numbers of workspaces

Michal Kapalka michal.kapalka at
Wed Mar 22 09:11:43 CET 2006

> I'm now using 24 virtual desktops.  Managing 24 desktops starts to
> become a nuiscance when one is limited to traversal by first, last,
> next above, next below, etc.  Even keyboard shortcuts can only handle
> 10.  So I find myself with an annoying itch to make dealing with a
> large number of desktops easier.


I'm not a XFCE developer, so I cannot say what and how can be embedded 
in XFCE itself. However, I have one suggestion: use wmctrl and 
xbindkeys. These two applications are a remedy for situations in which 
standard functions of a window manager are not sufficient anymore.

For example, you can define keyboard shortcuts for all desktops with 
these tools. You can also add menu entries to the desktop menu that will 
go to a given desktop. Possibilities are endless, once you know what 
exactly you need :)

Best regards,


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