Large numbers of workspaces

Andrew Conkling andrew.conkling at
Wed Mar 22 09:12:30 CET 2006

On 3/22/06, Paul Michael Reilly <pmr at> wrote:
> So either I am missing some easy (fvwm?) interfaces for making using
> more than 10 desktops easy or I will need to assess which is worse:
> the itch or adding the code to satisfy the itch.  The first question
> is:  am I missing some fundamental behaviors in XFCE that will solve
> the problem?  The second question is probably more appropriate for the
> developer's list:  if I am not missing anything, what might be a good
> approach to managing many workspaces?

A few suggestions:
1. Middle-click on your desktop.  You'll get a workspace listing,
though I'm not sure what that would look like with 24 workspaces. O_o
2. Right-click on a window titlebar or Alt+right-click anywhere on the
window to get the window menu.  You can move it to a specific
workspace that way.
3. Use devilspie or wmctrl to automate workspace placement when
applications are opened.
4. Golly, deal with 10!  I can't imagine needing 24!  (OK, this one's
just a friendly poke.)


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