Large numbers of workspaces

Paul Michael Reilly pmr at
Wed Mar 22 07:59:24 CET 2006

I'm now using 24 virtual desktops.  Managing 24 desktops starts to
become a nuiscance when one is limited to traversal by first, last,
next above, next below, etc.  Even keyboard shortcuts can only handle
10.  So I find myself with an annoying itch to make dealing with a
large number of desktops easier.

So either I am missing some easy (fvwm?) interfaces for making using
more than 10 desktops easy or I will need to assess which is worse:
the itch or adding the code to satisfy the itch.  The first question
is:  am I missing some fundamental behaviors in XFCE that will solve
the problem?  The second question is probably more appropriate for the
developer's list:  if I am not missing anything, what might be a good
approach to managing many workspaces?

For example, if the pager in the panel showed workspace names, that
would help since I could glance and click.  Or if I could extend the
window manager context/application menu to add "goto workspace name"
items, that might be convenient.  Or if I could extend the keyboard
shortcut "goto workspace N" where N can be greater than "9", that
could help.



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