Xfce, ubuntu and gnome ...

Robin Haswell rob at digital-crocus.com
Sat Mar 4 22:55:31 CET 2006

That brown is the color the X root window has been set to - there IS 
always a layer there, and the bottom layer is just plain old X, which 
can have a colour or an image. I think your problem is a mixture of 
nautilus behaving like a playground bully, and xfdesktop not being running.

Make sure xfdesktop is running so you can have your XFCE-set background 
windows. Xfdesktop also handles the right and middle-click menus on the 
desktop (window and app list), so that's a good way to tell if xfdesktop 
isn't running, or is broken.


Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom) wrote:
>    I'm not certain just what it is. I mentioned that I had run nautilus, 
> which I had, but am not currently. I changed the nautilus show desktop 
> setting to no avail. And since it wasnt currently running, there was nothing 
> to kill. The last time it wasnt nautilus (definite). It was correced by 
> clearing the 'cache' files.
>    There appears to be an underlying layer that just really wants to display 
> that horrible ubuntu brown. (I cannot set background image). Xfce isnt 
> supposed to be dependent on anything buy Gtk, as I understand this. I wonder 
> if this is specific to ubuntu?
>    BTW, thunar isnt in the apt repositories for ubuntu. (Neither is gtk 2.6) 
> I'm trying to avoid custom builds so this can be installable in the field by 
> others.
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>> I don't think it's fair to just blame GNOME for that. I just changed
>> over from Gnome to Xfce on SUSE 10.0 and I haven't run into a single
>> problem. Of course, having said that, I fully expect things to start
>> going wrong immediately :)
>> Arjen
>> On 3/4/06, Robin Haswell <rob at digital-crocus.com> wrote:
>>> Does anyone else think that Gnome is as close to "vendor lock-in" as you
>>> get in FOSS? I've lost count of the issues I've had to fix as a result
>>> of simply trying to change window and desktop managers in GNOME.
>>> -Rob
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