Xfce, ubuntu and gnome ...

Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom) JimBodkins at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 4 22:02:06 CET 2006

... dont seem to play well together. I am migrating (ubuntu sarge) from
gnome to xfce and have lost my desktop background several times to that
horrible ubuntu brown. The first time I deleted the cache - problem fixed.
It is now back (as well as an unexplained inability to get a right mouse
desktop menu). I ran nautilus once, I have no idea if or why that would have
an effect. I have googlied and oogled. I have found other instances of this
problem with no clear solution.

   A note. There is a group working to create an xfce ubuntu (xubuntu). As
it doesnt appear that xfce, ubuntu and gnome play well together, I (and I"m
sure some others) would appreciate either a clear discription of what is
happening or a fix.

   I like Xfce and intend to use it in commercial deployments.


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