Desktop Linux survey

Edward Barrow edward at
Thu Aug 24 18:14:27 CEST 2006

Harold Aling wrote:

> I just migrated all my machines from Gentoo to (x)Ubuntu, because I had 
> to spend too much time keeping Gentoo updated and upgraded all the time, 
> with a lot of breakage along the way.

I've just done pretty much the same, and for the same reasons, although 
to Debian etch rather than Ubuntu. I will, however, probably make 
Xubuntu the default distro for users' machines.

There's a lot good about Gentoo, but for a vanilla x86 machine the 
performance gains simply aren't outweighed by the maintenance costs. I 
now have to find other times to do all the things I used to do waiting 
for Gentoo ebuilds to compile...


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