Distro Wars (was Re: Desktop Linux survey)

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Thu Aug 24 20:22:20 CEST 2006

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:14:27 +0100
Edward Barrow <edward at copyweb.co.uk> wrote:

> Harold Aling wrote:
> > I just migrated all my machines from Gentoo to (x)Ubuntu, because I had 
> > to spend too much time keeping Gentoo updated and upgraded all the time, 
> > with a lot of breakage along the way.
> I've just done pretty much the same, and for the same reasons, although 
> to Debian etch rather than Ubuntu. I will, however, probably make 
> Xubuntu the default distro for users' machines.
> There's a lot good about Gentoo, but for a vanilla x86 machine the 
> performance gains simply aren't outweighed by the maintenance costs. I 
> now have to find other times to do all the things I used to do waiting 
> for Gentoo ebuilds to compile...

Hope you appreciate my humor in renaming the subject...  Anyhow, as
long as the subject has been brought up and you like Gentoo you might
want to check out FreeBSD if you haven't already.  Gentoo's portage is
essentially based on FreeBSD's ports system.  With FBSD you get your
choice of ports and/or packages.  So for fat stuff like OO you can use
binaries but for other stuff you want to tweak use ports.  Lots of
other reasons why I prefer FreeBSD over Linux but I won't bore you with
them here...;-P


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