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Harold Aling h.aling at
Thu Aug 24 14:37:12 CEST 2006

Kresimir Spes wrote:
> either way, I'm planning on moving to Gentoo as all binary distros 
> don't seem to be as efficient (IMHO ofcourse).
I just migrated all my machines from Gentoo to (x)Ubuntu, because I had 
to spend too much time keeping Gentoo updated and upgraded all the time, 
with a lot of breakage along the way. Not updating your Gentoo 
installation for ~3 weeks is a complete evening's work and frustration 
to get things up and running again (more or less stable)...

I must admin that Gentoo feels snappier, faster and more configurable, 
but this comes at an expensive price...

The first thing I did when migrating to ubuntu is to write a .deb 
creating shell script which mimics portage/.ebuild behaviour somewhat to 
be able to install my daily dose of xfce svn goodness... ;)


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