Thunar & right click on folder/file

Krzysztof Stemerowicz stemer at
Sat Aug 12 17:39:29 CEST 2006


I've compiled Xfce4 from svn today and have sth wrong with thunar. When
I right click on any file or directory in window, Thunar shuts down and
I get this error:

stemer at hegemon ~ $ thunar
thunar-apr-Message: Initializing ThunarApr extension
thunar-sbr-Message: Initializing ThunarSbr extension
thunar-uca-Message: Initializing ThunarUca extension
thunar-sbr-Message: Shutting down ThunarSbr extension
thunar-apr-Message: Shutting down ThunarApr extension

Gtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon for stock: Icon 'tap-add' not
present in theme

When I click (in window) on blank space, right click menu shows ok.

Any ideas what's wrong with it?

Krzysztof 'stemer' Stemerowicz                 JID: stemer//

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