New xfce user - a couple of questions

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Thu Aug 10 00:12:33 CEST 2006

Fellow Xfce Enthusiasts,

I recently discovered Xfce when taking FreeBSD for a spin on a test box.
I've been a KDE user for years but it didn't take me long do decide to
switch to Xfce.  My main Linux box, which will be transformed into a FreeBSD
box in the near future, has been switched from KDE to Xfce also.

Browsing through the message archives I found an answer to my first
question.  But, since there should be a better option I'll ask the question
again.  Currently there is no way to truely hide the panel or task bar.  A
small portion of the panel and/or task bar remains visible when they are
"hidden."  Would it be unreasonable to request that this be made optional?
I would prefer that they be completely hidden.  Yes, if they are completely
hidden I still know where they are and where to move the mouse to access
them.  If making this optional is not possible how does one disable the
panel and taskbar?  

When using Alt+Tab, or equivelant shortcut, to "Cycle Windows" is there a
way to have it display all, or at least more than one, task at a time?  

Is there a way to tell Terminal to use a specific screen resolution, such as
24x80, and maintain that resolution scaling the fonts as necessary if the
window is resized?  I do alot of work remotely via SSH using the screen
session manager.  Many programs don't handle changes in screen size very
well.  I would love to be able to use Terminal in full screen mode instead
of switching back and forth between text virtual consoles and X.

Bruceville, TX

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.

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