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> hi
> regarding xfce i have the following issues. first i installed the
> older 4.2 version, the one not masked in the gentoo portage. than i
> unmasked the xfce4.4 and installed it. i had to remove some blocked
> package, afterwards all went well. but i can not enable the desktop
> icons. the combobox "desktop icons" has only 2 entries, none and
> minimized. has someone an idea what is going wrong? is there a use
> flag problem?
It is probably built before / without Thunar.
Xfdesktop depends on Thunar for this, so you should probably recheck
the build order , or the relevant use flag (which I do not know since
I do not use gentoo).

> second, true thunar looks nice, and xffm is a little special - but
> has all i need working. i see always my home and xsamba is very
> nicely integrated. unfortunately xffm depends on the older xfce4.2
> files. is it possible to install it anyway? and how?

Xffm does not depend on xfce4 any more, check
and see if there is a newer version masked (or just install your own)

> best regards
> benny

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