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Wed Aug 9 10:06:18 CEST 2006

i am in the transition moving from windows to linux. my main machine runs
now under gentoo linux with xfce desktop. not all is finished but i can work
with it - and i am very happy with the current result. from the available
desktops i choosed xfce, because it's not the big fat slow environment that
i know from windows. i hope that further develpment on xfce keeps the
software clean, and don't try to put all thinkable in it.

regarding xfce i have the following issues. first i installed the older 4.2
version, the one not masked in the gentoo portage. than i unmasked the
xfce4.4 and installed it. i had to remove some blocked package, afterwards
all went well. but i can not enable the desktop icons. the combobox "desktop
icons" has only 2 entries, none and minimized. has someone an idea what is
going wrong? is there a use flag problem?

second, true thunar looks nice, and xffm is a little special - but has all i
need working. i see always my home and xsamba is very nicely integrated.
unfortunately xffm depends on the older xfce4.2 files. is it possible to
install it anyway? and how?

just some meaning from a linux outsider that dives deeper and deeper in the
linux world. i have still a lot of work to do until all in my machine is at
the place i want. setting up linux is very hard. my impression is that there
are hunderts, millions of high skilled peoples doing a very good job. but
there are so many doing about the same without coordination. many similar
projects remains in a half finished state. i am sure, when the peoples of
the different projects of the cummunity would work a little bit more
together, microsft windows would be blowing away...

best regards
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