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On Mon, 05 Sep 2005 03:13:54 +0200, Edscott Wilson Garcia  
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> No bug that I know of. The mechanism for setting the background is
> different than that of xfdesktop. Summing up:
> 1- On startup xffm-deskview falls back to solid black or to whatever
> color you set with xfce-setting-show (in filemanager plugin environment
> variable).

That's clear.
> 2- If you want to set a background image on startup, then place the path
> for the environment variable DESKTOP_BACKGROUND_IMAGE (also in mcs
> plugin)

I've done it.
> 3- When you right click to get popup menu on any image file, xffm will
> present the option "set as background image". This is a volatile setting
> but is handy if you like to change backgrounds on impulse without going
> through all the blabla from configuration dialogs.
> 4- You can also use robust background setting programs such as fvwm-root
> and xffm-deskview will adjust accordingly.
What I've realized is that xfdesktop and xffm-deskview do not like each  
Other: if I set autosave session on, then xfce starts xffm-deskview twice.  

So I've set off autosave, deleted xfdesktop starting command from the  
xfce-session.rc (in /etc/xdg/xfce-session/ as I remember). After I started  
xfce without background handlig. Then I started xffm, and set autosave  
session again on. Logout-login, and it works.


> 5- If you don't want xffm-deskview to start whenever you open
> xffm-iconview or xffm-treeview, then define the environment variable
> DISABLE_DESKTOP from the mcs-manager or in the conventional way for
> setting environment variables.
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