Xfce SVN moving

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Sat Oct 22 07:53:46 CEST 2005

Dear Xfce users and Developers.

 From coming monday I will start moving the Xfce SVN over to the new 
Xfce server. This process is quite delicate and requires that Xfce's SVN 
trunk is not available for any use. This downtime will also affect other 
related projects and websites such as the bugzilla site and installit.

This downtime may last up to a few days for some parts. The most 
important reason is that moving the SVN tree and making backups takes 
time, in order to verify the integrity of them etc, and all related and 
dependent services will need to be restored 1 by 1.

Until further notice, Xfce devs should NOT attempt to use ssh to 
checkout and commit to Xfce's SVN after sunday. Xfce's SVN repository 
will also be served from a different URL, so you should even 
adjust/modify your own copies' base URL after the move.

Also there will be a temporary test SSL certificate for DAV/https 
access. All developers will receive a NEW https login that they will 
need to change as before. This time, all developers receive such a login 
account first, and only an ssh account later when such is needed.

You must assume that you need to get a NEW account to work on Xfce after 
the weekend. Do not attempt to login or checkout unless requested or 
told by me or another senior Xfce dev. Your account information that I 
have should be sufficient for this and you will be notified.

Most likely things will go a lot quicker and smoother than stated here, 
but keep in mind that the size of this migration is significant - it 
corresponds to over 2 years of work of over 30 people.

I'll try to debrief all steps and keep everyone informed. Meanwhile this 
weekend will be a good one to commit all those long-standing changes you 
still have - or use svn diff to create snapshots of your changes for later.

Xfce users might be able to use anonymous svn a bit longer, but please 
refrain from loading the server during the move - it will only delay things.

More news later this weekend as I plan the move process in more detail.


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