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Daichi Kawahata daichi at
Wed Oct 12 15:11:42 CEST 2005


On Sat, 1 Oct 2005 11:24:15 -0600
Andres Olarte wrote:

> I'm been trying to get xfce running in spanish. I download the
> stable release, and compiled it. Everything works fine. I've
> tried with different locales, and some of the components are
> in spanish, but most remain in english.

Okay again, I'd like to confirm what the problem is exactly
before 4.2.3 release if it'll be happened. Now I'm in `es'
locale below,


everything is working well, although I'm using latest trunk version.
See attached image (config_window.jpg) for an example. Only
possibility I could imagine from what you said is, didn't you set
different path for the locale directory? i.e.

  ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-locales-dir=/usr/local/share/locale

To check whether message catalog files are looked correctly,
you'll need to kill some Xfce applications (without xfce4-session),
restart it with `strace' e.g.

    $ strace xfdesktop > runtime.log 2>&1


    $ grep locale runtime.log

tells something. I don't think xfce_textdomain() or gettext
related functions have problem from my properly displayed Spanish
at least.

> I've checked the translations, and it seems that much more is
> translated than what i'm seeing in spanish. Basically, it seems
> that only the "desktop" (when I right click on the desktop the
> "Desktop Menu" is in spanish).

As far as I know, desktop menu comes from XML file in xfdesktop,
and in which "Desktop Menu" isn't completely translated in Spanish,
therefore you'll have to see the following


on pop-up menu. Si, they keep English but that's because there's
no Spanish translated XML file yet, if you'll give Spanish
translations to us, Spanish speaking Xfce user will be happy.
Your file is



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