Really, Really big issues with this mailing list

Gianluca Turconi luctur at
Sun Oct 2 11:54:39 CEST 2005


I'm sorry to send this message directly to the list, but it seems I 
haven't any other mean to contact the administrators.

Since I subscribed last month, my messages to the list bounce back or 
disappear into nowhere, while I cannot access the mailing list web page 
with the password I chose at the time of my subscription (re-done twice)

I've written to the admins twice too, with no answer so far. However, I 
can at least read the messages from the list now, thing I was not able 
to do before. So, I assume the admins have done something to help me. :)

However, since I don't understand where the problem is (on my ISP's side 
or on mailing list's one) and I cannot change the destination address 
for mails coming from the mailing list through the web interface, I'd 
prefer to be unsubscribed by the admins and go on lurking via Gmane and 
its newsgroup.

Thanks in advance for any help and please be patient with me please :)



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