Really, Really big issues with this mailing list

Auke Kok sofar at
Sun Oct 2 23:00:29 CEST 2005

Gianluca Turconi wrote:

>I'm sorry to send this message directly to the list, but it seems I 
>haven't any other mean to contact the administrators.
>Since I subscribed last month, my messages to the list bounce back or 
>disappear into nowhere, while I cannot access the mailing list web page 
>with the password I chose at the time of my subscription (re-done twice)
>I've written to the admins twice too, with no answer so far. However, I 
>can at least read the messages from the list now, thing I was not able 
>to do before. So, I assume the admins have done something to help me. :)
>However, since I don't understand where the problem is (on my ISP's side 
>or on mailing list's one) and I cannot change the destination address 
>for mails coming from the mailing list through the web interface, I'd 
>prefer to be unsubscribed by the admins and go on lurking via Gmane and 
>its newsgroup.
>Thanks in advance for any help and please be patient with me please :)

First of all - please never write to the mailinglist to contact the
postmaster - always contact the postmaster directly at
<postmaster at>. Your chances of reaching the postmaster are
infinitely greater and it reduces clutter. You should really never ever
have to write stuff like this to the mailinglist.


I have replied to you before directly! Here was what I wrote to you:


it seems you weren't subscribed to xfce at _at all_ yet, so I've
just subscribed you. Once you are subscribed, you can have the system
send you a password reminder and so thus always recover your mailman


Also, if my mail never reached you then you should contact your own ISP - my mailserver shows that my messages to you are succesfully delivered to your ISP as well - so I cannot help you any more than that! Everything on this side seems to be working ok: your mail arrives, you receive mailinglist mails, etc.

please only use the postmaster address for future discussion of this issue. Thanks.


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