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Le Samedi 12 Novembre 2005 21:30, Andrew Conkling a écrit :
> Niki's introduction post from earlier today got me thinking.  At this
> point, it seems completely natural that users would switch from KDE to
> Xfce; it seems to happen all the time.  However, it took me kind of
> aback today; maybe I just now stepped back and thought about it.  But
> why from KDE to Xfce?  Or why does it seem that people can hold KDE
> and Xfce in similar regard but Xfce users who have used GNOME now hold
> it in such disdain?

Oh, it's just that KDE was the last environment I've been using before 
switching. I've worked with GNOME for some time, and I've been 100% 
Windowmaker a few years ago. 

I only have a few hours experience with XFCE (this will soon change, I 
guess:oD), but I liked it instantly because it adheres more to the *nix tools 

The project I have in mind is to configure a lightweight desktop that includes 
all the apps I need in my everyday work... but only those. Some questions 
arise, like: I have a bunch of KDE apps that I really want to use, plus some 
GTK apps that I use regularly too. What I'd like is to find a balance, e. g. 
integrate them into XFCE without at the same time bloating it too much. KDE 
apps that come to mind are KMail and KOrganizer (eventually the whole Kontact 
suite, I haven't decided yet), KLCC (a remote ppp connection handler for a 
masquerading network, we need this app here in our LAN), JuK (my favourite 
music player and playlist organizer), K3B (my favourite burning app), 
KSnapshot (flexible screenshot utility), and then on the GTK side of things 
GTKCDlabel (great for creating CD labels), Evince (their great PDF viewer), 
and some more...

My aim is to integrate these without installing the whole of GNOME and KDE. I 
use Slackware Linux 10.2, and my habit is to compile apps and build packages 
with the Checkinstall utility. So for KDE I would install only Qt, kdelibs 
and kde-data, but I wonder how things will work out when, for example, I 
don't install kcontrol. One thing I deplore about KDE is that it's not 
exactly easy to build single apps, e. g. it's hard to build JuK for XFCE or 
GNOME without installing the whole kdemultimedia kitchen sink:oD Any of you 
people here have experience in this field? 

But first things first. I'm still in the honeymoon phase of RTFM with XFCE.



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