KDE -> Xfce

Stephen Hurd shurd at sasktel.net
Sun Nov 13 13:37:04 CET 2005

Andrew Conkling wrote:

>Niki's introduction post from earlier today got me thinking.  At this
>point, it seems completely natural that users would switch from KDE to
>Xfce; it seems to happen all the time.  However, it took me kind of
>aback today; maybe I just now stepped back and thought about it.  But
>why from KDE to Xfce?  Or why does it seem that people can hold KDE
>and Xfce in similar regard but Xfce users who have used GNOME now hold
>it in such disdain?
For myself, both KDE and GNOME seem like over bloated, over engineered 
cruft repositories.  In fact, any WM/Desktop combo which has it's own 
office suite is going too far imho.  ORB has never struck me as a Really 
Good Idea, and the constant reparsing/updating of XML is just plain 
dumb.  As for KDE, well... it's not as over engineered, and XML isn't 
used in brain-dead manners as much, but it's about 40% eye-candy and 15% 
usability.  I used CDE for years until it started getting too clunky, 
then I withdrew into BlackBox for a bit (and moved the rest of the 
family to KDE).  When I discovered XFCE, I was ecstatic... it's like 
CDE, only without the ugly.

>I'm speaking in broad strokes, but these are the stereotypes I've seen
>on the list, IRC, and the forum.  I, for one, prefer GNOME to KDE, but
>that is partly due to my preference of GTK+, of simplicity, and of
>consistency with some of my favorite apps.
I'm not sure if I actually prefer either GNOME or KDE if I only had the 
two to choose from... I'd *probably* use GNOME, but I wouldn't like it.  
I would probably switch back to Windows... I've never seen GNOME or KDE 
run faster than Win32 on the same hardware, and despite the hype, 
neither one is as user-cuddly (coddly?) as Win32.

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